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Thursday, May 13, 2021

India's first automatic hybrid tractor launched: Learn the features, price and booking details of this Tractor.

India's first automatic hybrid tractor launched: Learn the features, price and booking details of this Tractor.

India's First Fully Automatic Hybrid Tractor launched with no battery packs - HAV Tractors Series S1

Proxecto launches India's First Fully Automatic Hybrid Tractor with no battery packs. With over 2 dozen industry-first features to call itself the most innovative tractor of India.

HAV tractors which were first showcased in the world's largest Agritechnica event in Germany in November 2019, is already making noise in the Indian market for being the first made-in India Hybrid Tractor with no battery packs. After receiving accolades from across the globe for its advanced eco-friendly technology, HAV S1 Series is finally ready to greet the Indian farmers.

"We have received an overwhelming response from the people across India and abroad. Despite the various challenges which industries faced due to Covid19 like production, logistics support, supply chain, manpower, lockdown restrictions, and more, our support team consisting of channel partners, dealers and suppliers fulfilled our vision of next-generation farm tractor at the most pocket-friendly price.

We are extremely thankful for their trust, confidence, love, and belief which helped in transforming our dream for the Indian farming sector into reality."

- Ankit Tyagi, MD Proxecto Engineering Services LLP & founder of HAV Tractors.
This dynamic tractor boasts of over two dozen industry-first features, introduced for the first time in the Indian market.
Top Features

Eco friendly tractors will now run on Indian farms. Proxecto has launched India's first hybrid tractor. This tractor is fully automatic without batteries.

There is no other tractor like this one with about 2 dozen features. In November 2019, this HAV Tractor was unveiled to the world for the first time at the Agritech event.

The event was held in Germany, and the launch of the tractor has been awaited ever since.

The tractor has amazing features: This tractor has two dozen features that have been used for the first time. This is the only hybrid tractor that does not have a battery. This tractor can run on both diesel and CNG. Once the infrastructure is ready, this tractor can be easily converted into an electric tractor.

This is the first tractor in the country to be fully automatic. In this tractor, the company has used all wheel electric drive (AWED) technology.

Due to the AWED technology, all the wheels do electric drives which makes driving very awesome. This tractor has neither clutch nor gear, only option to keep front, rear and neutral in this tractor.


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Fuel consumption also halved:
The company has introduced two models of this tractor. Its 50 S1 diesel hybrid model consumes 28 percent less diesel than conventional tractors.

The S2 CNG Hybrid model uses about 50% less fuel. This tractor is provided with independent suspension in all the wheels with height adjustment.

How Much does this Tractor Cost?

Its base model HAV S1 50HP will start at Rs 9.49 lakh. The top variant HAV S1 + 50 HP will be priced at Rs 11.99 lakh. It will have an air conditioning cabin.

Apart from this, the company has also launched HAV S1 45 HP, priced at Rs 8.49 lakh. The company is also offering a limited product warranty for 10 years.

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