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Sunday, April 25, 2021

DiskDigeer: Recover Deleted Photo & File From Your Device

DiskDigeer: Recover Deleted Photo & File From Your Device

Need to share files but no internet connection? Or no problem at all!The File Transfer application allows you to transfer files from Android phones.
 iPhones and PCs without the use of a mobile Internet connection or Wi-Fi or mobile data.The File Transfer app is not easy to use and the user does not have to pay at all costs.
The application is available in 20 languages. In the past, infrared or Bluetooth was used for file transfer which used to be very time-consuming but nowadays the file can be transferred through this application using free wi-fi.

There are three simple methods of transfer available at File Transfer. But you have to share files with the people around you using one of them. Group with each other by turning on your phone’s Wi-Fi and invite others to join, show a personalized QR code for scanning and ask for a QRScan if a direct connection is not established. This way send files to nearby people.

Smart Feature of App

Video Transfer
Watch short videos shared by other users or you can share videos from yourself and share to others.
Phone Replication
Back up any videos or data you receive and easily transfer all the files from your old device to a new one. To use this feature, you must allow allow access to the CALL_LOG prompt and read the state of the phone (READ_PHONE_STATE soon).
Offline chat
Chat media or share files with close friends without using the internet or data. 
QR code sharing
Use QR code to add devices and share files! Through which the connection will be established at speed. It makes life so much easier.
Group sharing and more 
Not only can you share files with many people, you can also chat together using the instant messenger feature and see what your friend’s phone looks like on your device using the Remote Device feature.
Install all App options
Got a new phone and just want to install all the popular apps or your saved apps? Then install the application by transferring the APK file by establishing connection with other phone. Copy the APK file to a new phone from PC or PC. Go to “Local”, then “Files” and then “Applications”. Select all the apps you want to install, and then just click “Install All”. This saves time!
Get PC support
Use your phone to back up files to your Mac or PC and use them as a wireless mouse when you are giving a presentation.

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