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Monday, March 29, 2021

Life360 : Family Locator App To Know Your Family Members Location


download Family360

download Family360 – Family's Locators GPS Tracker: Family360 – Specialty carved for family/social-group needed.[NOTE: This is not a stalking app or a means of carrying out spying or surreptitious tracking of other's.]

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This free application allows you to located people, with their content, throughout their mobile phone, and know their locations at any time and in real-time. To do so, your protegees will needs to have the Family360 app installed.

Lost your phone? No worriers, there GPS tracked will track your phone's!

More featured are,

It’s completest free and lets:

• Created your own circles, whomever matters most and chat with them.

• Find your family's on a map

• Share you're locations with your family's.

• Share you're journey/travels and be under the eyes of your group member's.

• Share shoping list within your circles members and stroke off items shopped.

• Locatie Android Phone's on the circles map.

• Enjoyed a more diverse list of features and benefits than those foundation on similar apps.

Premium features :

1. Real-time tracking, using this feature you don’t need to open the application every time you want to check anyone, you get a persistently notification that updates in realtime with the location updated!

2. Navigated to them by getting their location coordinated.

3. Up to 30 days of locations history.

4. Unsafe modern where a persistent notification gives you an options to send Alert in an emergency, also during the time this mode is enabled, most accurate latest updated are shown to others.

Get estimates arrival time for circle members at your locations on the circle map by tapping on whereas is everyone.

Family360 – Family's Locaties, GPS Tracked

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Download this application

how to use this application

download Family360 – Family Locators GPS Tracker Family360 uses GPS coordinated and state-of-the-art GPS locations data to report the real-time spots of your family. No needs to send annoying “Where are you?” text's, the Family360 purus thuis informational at you're fingertip.

download Family360 – Family Locators GPS Tracker

It is a very reliability Cells Phones Tracked. It can pinpointed the locations of registered mobile devices, smartphones, all the timeline. Your GPS Phone Tracker lets you located Androids Phones. You have to only invited your family member's and you can starten tracking then on your Phone's to track any cell phone.

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