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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Facebook Cloud Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect


Facebook Cloud Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect

Online applications for various assistance from the Department of Agriculture are to be launched on the I KHEDUT PORTAL. Applications for hand tools have already started.

 Eligibility of Beneficiary: -

Marginal farmers and farm laborers of the state get 50% of the total cost or Rs. 10,000 whichever is less will be eligible for assistance. Purchases should be made according to the equipment selected in the application and its number

The benefit of this scheme will be available to marginal farmers and working farm laborers occupying up to 1 hectare of land (as per 3A).

 Where to apply?

New Games in a Fresh Destination for Play on Facebook
Today we’re announcing that we’ve launched several cloud-streamed games in the Facebook app and on the browser — playable instantly, with no downloads required. We recently had 200,000 people playing our cloud-streamed games per week in limited regions, so while it’s not exactly a secret, I’m excited to lay out what we’re building.

But first, I want to clarify what we’re not doing: we’re not spinning off a separate cloud gaming service. All cloud-streamed games are playable in the same way you play games now on Facebook — whether it’s in our Gaming tab or from News Feed. No special hardware or controllers needed – your hands are the controllers since we’re launching with native mobile games. And you can play these games with a mouse and keyboard on a desktop. More than 380 million people play games each month on Facebook, and people will play cloud-streamed games right alongside those playing instant games in HTML5. And if we do our jobs right, you won’t notice how the games are delivered.

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