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Friday, February 26, 2021

Is your mobile internet running out fast? So make these settings

Is your mobile internet running out fast? So make these settings

Internet costs have risen in the Corona era and in such a situation we are afraid of losing data. Internet data is required for everything nowadays. But often the extra items on the phone cost data and our important work stops. So this is how we are telling you about some of these phone tips today so that the phone data does not cost more.

Nowadays the trend of OTT apps like Amazon Prime, Hot Star Disney, Netflix has increased significantly. In such a case these applications continue in the background of our phone and continue to use the data. So if you keep such apps open, the data from them costs more. To remove such applications from the background after using them.

Google Maps is a popular service but also uses data. In this case, you can save the map to save data. Once the map is downloaded you can use it offline with the help of GPS. This will save your data.
Data usage continues if you keep social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram open while working. Keep auto-play videos off, especially in your social media account. It also costs more data to play videos automatically.

You may have noticed that many apps on the phone start updating automatically, which consumes the phone's data. To prevent this from happening, go to Settings and turn off Auto Update. This will allow you to update the application you want and save the data as you wish.

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