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Saturday, February 27, 2021

How much will the Rupani government have to pay for the vaccine in a private hospital?


The Rupani government of Gujarat has fixed the price for vaccines.  The charge for the vaccine in a private hospital is fixed at Rs 150.  In which administrative charge of Rs. 100 has to be paid.  The vaccine will be available at a health department approved hospital for Rs 250.  It is to be noted that vaccination of people above 60 years of age is to be started in Gujarat from March 1.  The government has then announced the price of the vaccine.

 Preparations are now underway to vaccinate ordinary citizens after frontline workers and health workers.  The vaccine will be given to ordinary citizens from March 1 in Ahmedabad.

 So far in the city of Ahmedabad, health workers, front line workers have been vaccinated at the vaccination center in the hospital administration.  But now ordinary citizens will be vaccinated at different centers in the city.

 In the first phase, vaccination will be started at about 50 centers.  After the state government sends a circular to the corporations, a decision will be taken on how many people will be vaccinated.  According to the preparations of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, a survey was conducted of the citizens above 50 years of age and with other ailments.  Vaccination of all those citizens will be started.

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